Welcome to Dafran Inc.

Our Mission is to deliver the best possible reliable software solutions to help our clients Improve Business Efficiency and Profitability.

Dafran Inc. is an IT Services company that provides a wide range of Software Solutions for any organization, no matter how big or small. We have an experienced team of IT professionals, including developers, graphic designers and business analysts.

Our development team consist of Microsoft Certified Professionals. We specialize in ASP.NET/MVC Web Site development, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and SharePoint solutions, all of which can be integrated, including Office 365 and MS Access Web Apps. We have been very successful in helping businesses clean up Excel nightmares by importing Excel data into a format that can be managed and queried.

Most recently, we helped a large engineering company with their procurement process by developing a web site where they could import their large Excel spreadsheets (which were corrupting daily and very large) and finally take control of the procurement process. We accomplished this by integrating all of the Excel data and produced a multi-user system where the entire business could update their own project and easily export the results for analysis along with security level features to control what parts of the business has access to what. As part of this solution we produced a nightly report which was exported to SharePoint for an even wider audience.

We have Certified Microsoft Access Developers with many years experience to tackle the most complex solutions. If you have a Microsoft Access application that needs revamping, upgrading, enhancing, upsizing to SQL Server, then you need to look no further than Dafran Inc. No other company can provide the experience we have at hand. Microsoft Access is an excellent platform for rapid development where your business will see the benefits in a very short timeframe.

We can provide resources on site as required for project work at a very reasonable rate compared to larger outsourcing companies. We will also manage that resource as required by the client and ensure that milestones are being delivered.

We can provide web hosting (up to IIS 8.0) and e-mail services (SmarterMail) for small solutions. For those larger solutions we can provide Virtual Machines, custom built to your specifications along with an entire domain driven architecture if required. We also have access to hardware solutions for off site hosting in a world class data center located in Calgary or in the Azure Cloud.

Please e-mail us for more information on other custom services we provide. We thrive on the challengers provided by our clients.

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